Is “Hunger Marketing” Still Working?

ca1349540923dd54d6a68e46d009b3de9d82d158cdbf50faI’m sure you know Apple you know Samsung, but have you heard about MI? A legend in Chinese mobile phone market, a real Chinese brand. Just like Apple, MI utilizes “Hunger Marketing”that reduces production in order to create demand.

MI was quite successful using this marketing strategy in the previous years. In October 2013, 100,000 MiPhone was snapped up in half an hour. Although Jun Lei, the founder of MI, always said that MiPhone is a kind of high-end customized that could not be produced in enormous quantities. More and more consumers are tired of the plea of Hunger Marketing. Even some technical specialists point out that the purchase button is just a fake one on Mi’s site, after consumers click it and will be directly leading to the “out of stock” site.

Price is always the element to generate and enhance purchase enthusiasm of MiPhone. Compared with Apple, MI likes to start low and drive lower while providing high technique and fashionable products, satisfy those young people who would like to balance high technique and relative lower price. The young and fashion image, plus its “squeezing toothpaste” production, MI funs were always waiting in line, so the hunger marketing was time-test. However, if one day the hunger marketing strategy tends to a trick on consumers, MI of course will become a joke itself.

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Things You’ll Need – Business review sites

When family and friends are not available to give advice, business review sites are always the first stop for recommendations. Compared with the overwhelming advertisements online, consumer reviews usually make us feel much more comfortable that we’re buying the right products. In fact, now in this world, the power of business reviews such as Yelp!, Angie’s List and Google Places could not be ignored any more.

Studies by independent research groups like Forrester ResearchcomScoreThe Kelsey Group, and the Word of Mouth Marketing Association show that rating and review sites influence consumer shopping behavior. According to one 2013 survey, 9 in 10 consumers said their buying decisions have been influenced by online reviews. With the Internet platform, business reviews could be exposed to broader audiences, and visitors could interact with each other and with merchants to communicate their ideas, advices and suggestions.

Business review site is a win-win tool for both consumers and marketers, because consumers here could gain advice to help them make purchase decision and avoid buying awful products, while at the same time, business review sites provide a online word-of-mouth effect that indirectly assist good businesses in promoting reputation.

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Ready to mobilize your website?

mobilize-your-websiteBecause of the prevalence of users browsing the web to search and even order products and services with smartphones and tables, the importance of mobilizing the website has increased in recent years. Mobile devices, with their smaller screen restriction, could not display the most standard full website. Therefore for optimal content viewing, marketers should design a separate mobile website or transform their current webpages accordingly into a mobile one, while the second choice is usually practicable especially for small businesses.

Here I do a research of commonly used website-mobilize tools. Although there is no best one, there you could find a better fit one.

1. Baidu Site App

Site App applies to PC websites: without lots of “flash”; mainly for “read/search”, but not for “interaction”. It provides templates, and users could also customize page components.


  • Free service! Always attractive!
  • Updates of mobile site could be automatically adapted to PC website. (no later maintenance costs)


  • Domain name for mobile is different from what for PC. E.g. if the PC’s domain name is “”, it would be “” for mobile devices.

2. Allmobilize/云适配

Ex-members of Microsoft’s R&D department founded Allmobilize. Their professionals will help users design and develop a custom mobile website. The mobile site is hosted on Allmobilize’s fast, reliable cloud infrastructure, which means no downtime and instant scalability. After adding a single line of code they provide into users’ regular site, users’ customers on mobile device would be automatically routed into mobile site.


  • Still use the original domain name (SAME as PC website address).
  • Good compatibility. Besides major smart phones such as iPhone, Android etc., the mobile website could even adapt to Shanzhai (cheap copy) phones and tablet computers.
  • Users’ mobile site is being created and then monitored 24×7 by real people.
  • Support interactive services such as Click to Call (mobile users could easily call), Mobile Map with Direction, and Social Media Integration.
  • They provide specific services to different business needs, such as Economical choice, Commercial choice, Enterprise choice and Upscale.


  •  No self-develop (less autonomous).
  • Much more expensive than other self-develop mobilization services.

3. bMobilized

Simple but smart. Target at medium and small business. Create a fully-functional mobile website automatically by analyzing the layout, content, and design of current desktop website after type in the current website address (in 30 second). (Won’t be limited to generic templates or forced to recreate site elements) If not satisfied, users could re-edit the color or design or menu bar, submenu bars… or create a new one.


  • Mobilize desktop site for use on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.
  • Updates of desktop website will instantly appear on a fully-dynamic version of mobilized site, and vice verse(?).
  • Self-define the domain for mobile site.
  • Provide plugins such as Contact bar, Social bar, Instant maps and Site search.
  • Provide Mobile Search Advertising (optimization to attract more customers). Plans start from $200, prices based on different advertising needs.

Price: 7 days free trail. $9 per month if self manage with all basic features/ $9 per month + &199 one time fee if need technique support (bMobilized guys do all things for us).


4. DudaMobile

Cooperate with Google’s GoMo service, especially for small business and professionals. Another easy tool to mobilize current PC website in 1 minutes just after typing the PC website address.


  • Mobile websites built with Duda are compatible with all major mobile smartphone platforms, including iPhone (iOS), Android, BlackBerry, and Windows.
  • Simple drag-and-drop Site Builder is designed to make it easy for anyone to create a mobile website.
  • Support interactive services such as Click to Call, Map & Direction, and Social Media button.
  • Any changes made to original website will automatically update and sync to the mobile site in real-time.
  • Dudamobile is especially tailored to work with websites and blogs hosted by WordPressand Blogger.
  • Keep track of website visitors with their built-in Mobile Analytics. Easily integrates with Google Analytics.


  • As a tool provided by Google GoMo, DudaMobile could not be accessed in China. (?)
  • Different mobile domain name. E.g. “” (mobile).

Price: Basic (Limited Mobile Website) service is free! Premium service, which is ideal for business and professional, is $9 per month.

5. iFolios

Provide templates or code for users (after paying), and then help users convert their PC version website to mobile version.


  • Enjoy the benefits of having all template and CMS files hosted on current server at current domain name.
  • Although users should use existing templates, these templates are fully editable.
  • iFolios’s mobile websites are built on WordPress – 3 steps to build a mobile one: a) Install WordPress on current website; b) Follow setup guide provided by iFolios to create pages and add content to the mobile site; c) Insert their special code to automatically recognize iPad, iPhone and Android (they only support these three mobile devices?)
  • The mobile sites are compatible with social icons and links.

Price: $49 per year (including mobile website + e-mail support + ongoing product updates). Add-ons (with WordPress) provided also.

6. Conduite:

Creating a mobile sites and apps by easily type into the existing website URL.


  • Besides mobile sites, Conduite also creates apps (iPhone, iPad, & Android) of existing website.
  • Transform the existing website into mobile-friendly site by simply copying an automatically generated code to the regular site. Visitors accessing the website from their mobile devices will automatically be redirected to the mobile site.
  • Could also mobilize existing blogs.

Disadvantages: 1. most expensive one. (?)

Price: $39 per month with Gold label (Conduite branding); Platinum $99 per month without Gold label. IF sign up for one year, $33 per month with Gold label and $83 without.