Select an Advertising Agency – Outsourcing vs. Hiring In-House

downloadEven if you are a one or two-person company and doing business today, at some point there will likely not be enough time in the day to keep up everything. Or you will reach a point where you may not have the skills or expertise to do the job as effectively as an expert. Advertising is such a kind of thing that you may feel helpless sometimes. It is difficulty for people to know knowledge and information in such as media plan and brand management. Therefore, at this time. selecting an advertising agency is always a wise choice.                                                                                       (Picture source:

Now, you will face a complicated decision at that point. Do you hire someone and run the operation in-house? Or do you outsource it to another company? If you decide to outsource, do you choose a small local agency or worldwide advertising conglomerate?

Here are some tips for you,

#1. Select from independents and smaller holding firms.

– Save on expenses. Independents should be much cheaper than large advertising conglomerates. If your advertising budget is not relatively large, it would be a good idea.

– Objective. Most people worked in Independents are those young advertising professionals, who usually have fresh minds to consider untraditional ideas.

– Specialized. Unlike full-service large agencies, independents usually concentrate on limited fields that make them more specialized in particular activities.

– Gain more attentions. Because of the relatively small scale, Independents usually has fewer clients and will devote totally to clients in order to establish in market.

#2. Select from major holding advertising conglomerates.

– Somewhat evade risks. Major holding firms acquired large numbers of independents over that period, therefore compared to those smaller ones, large firms at least operated steadily without risk of bankruptcy.

– Resources. No matter professional people, expertise or physical facilities, large advertising conglomerates have abounds resources than independents.

– Strategic partner. Most large advertising firm are full-service involved not only in advertising, performing research, selecting media, but also direct promotion programs, interactive marketing, web site design, public relations and even strategic market planning.

– Know industry better. After years of development, major firms had accumulated abundant knowledge in advertising fields, and experienced in marketing no matter a brand or a product and deal with any unexpected.

#3. Develop an in-house advertising agency.

– Direct control. It would be much easy and initial for a company to manage its own firm.

– Proprietary information. In-house agency could avoid risks of exposing advertising creative ideas and some confidential information of the company.

– Know more about the company. In-house one could better understand the company’s situation, needs and future expectations.

– Communication (more efficiency). No matter what type of agency a company chose, it may have to spend time running with this new one only except it is in-house.


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