A Secret of Online Marketing – Post Time

It goes without saying that marketers need to be consistently and continually updating their online information with new, relevant, and interesting content. But is there a specific day or time that their readers and customers may click, leave comments or share more? When is the best time to attract more traffic and increase interaction?

Just as people usually have internal clocks to guide them through days, consumers online also have different reacts to information influenced by time slot. According to a Hubspot webinar on “The Science of Timing”, the time of day and the day of the week when marketers send their tweets, emails, Facebook updates and blog posts really make a difference,

Although “the more you tweet, the more followers you’ll get”, if marketers want to be re-tweeted, they’d better send their tweets from 2-5 pm and late in the week. What’s more, on Facebook most people “share” on weekends, because Facebook is blocked at most people’s workplaces, and articles published on Facebook at 10-11 AM get the most “shares.”

These figures show that knowing the optimal time periods in which to run their initiatives or posts is extremely useful to marketers who running campaigns online.

Besides, sending emails at the right time to reach subscribers when they are actively using their email will affect overall campaign response. Here is a timing for e-mail marketing campaigns, and you could learn more just by clicking it.

email mktg timing


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