Is “Hunger Marketing” Still Working?

ca1349540923dd54d6a68e46d009b3de9d82d158cdbf50faI’m sure you know Apple you know Samsung, but have you heard about MI? A legend in Chinese mobile phone market, a real Chinese brand. Just like Apple, MI utilizes “Hunger Marketing”that reduces production in order to create demand.

MI was quite successful using this marketing strategy in the previous years. In October 2013, 100,000 MiPhone was snapped up in half an hour. Although Jun Lei, the founder of MI, always said that MiPhone is a kind of high-end customized that could not be produced in enormous quantities. More and more consumers are tired of the plea of Hunger Marketing. Even some technical specialists point out that the purchase button is just a fake one on Mi’s site, after consumers click it and will be directly leading to the “out of stock” site.

Price is always the element to generate and enhance purchase enthusiasm of MiPhone. Compared with Apple, MI likes to start low and drive lower while providing high technique and fashionable products, satisfy those young people who would like to balance high technique and relative lower price. The young and fashion image, plus its “squeezing toothpaste” production, MI funs were always waiting in line, so the hunger marketing was time-test. However, if one day the hunger marketing strategy tends to a trick on consumers, MI of course will become a joke itself.

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